Ace Your Serve at Court South in Knoxville

If you enjoy fast-moving sports, try racquetball at Court South gym in Knoxville. Every surface — walls, floor and ceiling — is part of the playing field. Play in teams of two or three — or challenge yourself to an individual game. Our health club offers two courts, and we’ll provide the equipment. You just provide the energy.

Wallyball is also played on the racquetball court. Similar to indoor volleyball, wallyball is faster and more unpredictable. The net is strung across mid-court, but that’s where the similarity ends. Even walls are considered in the field of play for spiking. For a fast-paced sport that requires coordination, balance, strength and agility — try wallyball!

Call our Knoxville fitness center at (865) 688-3600 for more information about wallyball teams or to reserve a court today!